Giulio Radi

Split Top Vase

Muran glass
27.5 cm high

GIULIO RADI  Italian, 1895-1952

Giulio Radi followed the family tradition of glassmaking and in 1918 he began working for Andrea Rioda. When Rioda died in 1921 some of the Murano maestros, "Nane Patare " Seguso, Diego Barovier, Raffael Ferro, Attilio Moratto and Malvino Pavanello, joined up in the new firm of Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Cappellin Venini & C., while the others, under the direction of Umberto Santi and Giulio Radi, continued their activities in the furnace that then took the name of "Succ. Andrea Rioda". In 1924 Giulio Radi was awarded the title of Chevalier for professional merits.

In 1932 he established the A.V.E.M. glassworks. Radi was best known for his experimental uses of chromatic effects created by layering glass with fumed gold and iridescent luster and silver foil.

He participated in the Bienali of 1940,1942,1948,1950 and 1952 and in the 1951 Triennali.