• Exhibition catalogue, 14 March - 12 April 2012
  • Alan Wheatley Art, 2012
  • £5.00

Fully illustrated 64 pages publication with an introduction by Gary Wragg and an essay by Sam Cornish.

Extract from the introduction by Gary Wragg:

... 'The moments of NOW create a context of many moments that build an inhabited surface of layered paint, into an organized space of spontaneous movements. The marks, lines and colours are applied directly with little concern for anything other than the contextual awareness of the application of the paint. The paintings relate to the magic and mystery of ordinary everyday experiences of change and being, through themoving touch of the paint itself. Edges are painted to balance in their relationships to light, air, colour, line, form, gravity and anti-gravity that I have attempted to cohere towards a frieze like enclosure of open movement, a liberating factor. [...]

  • My introduction to Tai Chi, Chinese philosophy, art and the awareness of the art of balanced movement began in the early seventies at The Place in Bloomsbury. In consequence, my painting since then has always been nourished and given shape from the felt sensations of playing the internal art of Tai Chi Chuan, the imperceptible and inexpressible. The feeling in the arms and body of light/heavy, stillness/movement, springy/expansive, smooth, subtle and tranquil energies while walking, standing, sitting or reclining are valued sensations that I have cultivated and drawn on through my daily concerns for the various issues of painting and drawing. Spiral energy, sinking or rising, weighted or weightless, substantial or insubstantial comprises some of the aspects of my exploration over the years. Painting and Tai Chi are for me an interlinked way of life, the essence of which is freedom of movement and the liberation of focused sensations. Likewise, I have always held that abstract and figurative interests develop in parallel. Each work consists of a dialogue of complimentary opposites.'...

    Gary Wragg
    April 2012

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