Alan Wheatley Art

Welcome to Alan Wheatley Art

Located in the heart of St. James’s at 22 Mason’s Yard, SW1
the gallery offers a diverse collection 
of British and International Modern paintings and sculpture
from the latter half of the Twentieth Century
with a particular emphasis on Post-War British Art.

Recent Acquisitions

Paintings by Ivon Hitchens, Roger Hilton,
Patrick Hayman, Keith Vaughan
and sculpture by Robert Adams
and Clive Barker

The Three Graces (In a Playboy Style), 1988-1999 Sculpture by Clive Barker Aberayon Fields, c.1955 Painting by John Piper Brown & Black Oval, 1963 Painting by Paul Feiler

Currently Showing

A selection of paintings and sculpture
by the core artists of St Ives

Composition [6 November 1998], 1998 Painting by Patrick Heron Yellow Black and White, 1992 Painting by Terry Frost Suspended Forms on Yellow, 1973 Work on Paper by Terry Frost